Welcome to the International Airlines Ski Federation


We are devastated by how hard the airline industry has been struck by the COVID-19-pandemic. The vast majority of all our airlines’ fleets have been grounded since the outbreak and as a disastrous consequence, many of us are forced into short-time working, self-quarantine let alone redundancies. We are relieved though that we did not have any known cases or spreading of the Coronavirus amongst the registered WASC participants after returning from the last World Airlines Ski Championship in British Columbia in March 2020.
Our thoughts are with all our friends & families and everyone impacted by this global crisis. Even though no one can foresee the long-term aftermath for the aviation industry yet, we are full of hope that these hard times will come to an end eventually and that the circumstances will allow us to meet up in Norway next year as lively as ever to keep the WASC Spirit alive!



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