IASF History

Kitzbuhel IASF BoardThe IASF History can be backdated to 1959/60, when skiers from eleven airlines participated for the first time in the ski carnival race in Arctic Valley near Anchorage, Alaska. The races were organized by John Trautner and Judy Anderson for the Anchorage Ski Club. The main prize for the event was a trip to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Norway donated by Bill Schaffer of SAS Airlines. The trip was won by Harvey Turner of the Kenai Peninsula. Within the next years, the races were eventually moved from Arctic Valley to Mt. Alyeska and were hosted there under the sponsorship of the Anchorage Times until 1975. In 1976, the event was hosted at Mt. Hood, Oregon and in the following years, it has been held on three continents since then. This resulted in the need for an association or federation to oversee the conduct and scheduling of future events.

The federation became a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of Washington, USA. Thus, in 1977 Howard Clifford became the first IASF President. The stated purpose of the IASF was the fostering of national and international amateur sports competition. Furthermore, the development and maintenance of airline skiing throughout the world was focussed.

Past WASC Locations & Team Champions

YearLocationTeam TrophyAlpineNordicSnowboard
2022Lenzerheide, Switzerland/ / / postponed to 2024 due to COVID-19 / / /
2021Tromsø, Norway/ / / postponed to 2023 due to COVID-19 / / /
2020Big White, CanadaSwissSwissSwissSwiss
2019Bad Kleinkirchheim, AustriaSwissSwissCondorSwiss
2018Kitzbühel, AustriaSwissSwissLufthansaSwiss
2017Lake Placid, NY, USAAustrianSwissAustrianSwiss
2016Levi, FinlandSwissSwissSwissCondor
2015Samnaun, SwitzerlandLufthansaAustrianLufthansaSwiss
2014Steamboat, CO, USALufthansaLufthansaLufthansaLufthansa
2013Saalbach-Hinterglemm, AustriaLufthansaAir BerlinCondorLufthansa
2012Niseko, JapanLufthansaSwissAir BerlinLufthansa
2011Crested Butte, CO, USALufthansaLufthansaWiderøeSwiss
2010Schaldming, AustriaLufthansaLufthansaCondorSwiss
2009Björkliden, SwedenLufthansaLufthansaWiderøeLufthansa
2008Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GermanyLufthansaLufthansaCondorLufthansa
2007Jackson Hole, CO, USALufthansaLufthansaWiderøeLufthansa
2006Schladming, AustriaLufthansaLufthansaWiderøeLufthansa
2005Levi, FinlandLufthansaLufthansaLufthansaLTU
2004Mt. Alyeska, AK, USALufthansaLufthansaSAS-
2003Lenzerheide, SwitzerlandSASSwiss/CrossairSAS-
2002Steamboat, CO, USALufthansaLufthansaLufthansa-
2001Schladming, AustriaLufthansaLufthansaBraathens/SAFE-
2000Whistler, CanadaLufthansaLufthansaBraathens/SAFE-
1999Bormio, ItalyLufthansaLufthansaBraathens/SAFE-
1998Mt. Alyeska, AK, USALufthansaLufthansaSAS-
1997Zwiesel, GermanyLufthansaLufthansaSAS-
1996Lake Placid, NY, USALufthansaSwissairFinnair-
1995Lillehammer, NorwayLufthansaLufthansaSAS-
1994Breckenridge, CO, USALufthansaLufthansaLufthansa-
1993Are, SwedenFinnairLufthansaFinnair-
1992Mt. Bachelor, OR, USAFinnairSwissairFinnair-
1991Seefeld, AustriaSASLufthansaSAS-
1990Park City, UT, USASASFinnairSAS-
1989Kranjska Gora, Slovenia / / / cancelled due to lack of snow / / /
1988Banff, CanadaSASSASFinnair-
1987Söll, Austria SASSASSAS-
1986Lake Placid, NY, USASASAdriaSAS-
1985Voss, NorwaySASSASSAS-
1984Mt. Alyeska, AK, USASASSASFinnair-
1983Kranjska Gora, Slovenia-SASSAS-
1982Heavenly, Ca, USA-SASSAS-
1981Axams/Lizum, Austria-SASSAS-
1980Copper Mountain, CO, USA-SASSwissair-
1979Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-FinnairSwissair-
1978Naeba, Japan-SwissairSwissair-
1977Les Diablerets, Switzerland-SwissairSAS-
1976 Mt. Hood, OR, USA-SAS-
1975Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-A- SAS
1974Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-A- SAS
B- Japan Airlines
1973Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-A- Swissair
A- Finnair
B- Lufthansa
1972Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-A- Lufthansa
B- American
B- Delta
1971Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-A- SAS
1970Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-A- SAS
B- Delta
1969Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-A- Lufthansa
B- Lufthansa
1968Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-A- SAS
B- Continental
1967Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-Pacific Northern--
1966Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-SASSAS-
1965Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-SASAir France-
1964Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-AustrianSAS-
1963Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-Air France--
1962Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-Air France--
1961Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-Northern Consolidated--
1960Mt. Alyeska, AK, USA-Air France--