Q: What about the WASC 2021 and 2022?
A: The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to cancel and postpone the WASC 2021 in Tromsø, Norway to 2023. The WASC 2022, which was supposed to be held in Lenzerheide, Switzerland from 13th until 18th of March 2022, will be postponed to March 2024.

Q: How do I register for my WASC participation?
A: It’s advisable that the teamcaptain does the registration for the whole team to prevent double registrations. Just give him/her your details (such as racer/guest, which competitions you want to be registered for, date of birth, etc.) and you will be taken care of.

Q: How am I eligible to participate in the race competitions?
A: You need to hold a valid airline ID for the company you wish to represent. Furthermore, you need to have been employed for at least six months prior to the registration deadline. For necessary equipment, etc. refer to the official WASC Rulebook 2020.
Note: The respective paragraphs concerning eligibility to participate will be amended, taking account of the Corona pandemic.

Q: When and how do I pay the registration fee?
A: The easiest way is to pay the registration fee in advance to your team captain who will then transfer the fee for your whole team and receive the WASC credentials at the registration office. Normally, there is a registration deadline around January.

Q: How do I get a ski pass?
A: More information will be available after the IASF Fall Meeting in September 2022.

Q: What about lodging? Do I book a room on my own?
A: More information will be available after the IASF Fall Meeting in September 2022.

Q: I want to bring my partner with me to the championships. Can he/she also join the social events?
A: Being a guest, your partner does not have to hold an airline ID, however she/he needs to acquire the WASC credentials by paying the registration fee.

Q: I do not take part in the races but would still like to join my team. Do I still have to pay the full registration fee?
A: Yes. The registration fee covers all sorts of costs, e.g. the race committee which is in charge of the race tracks/courses, time keeping, etc., expenses for social functions (welcome ceremony, theme night, gala dinner, hospitality event) and needs to be paid by everyone attending.

Q: I don’t have my own equipment. Can I rent stuff at the resort?
A: You will be able to rent your high quality WASC equipment at the ski rental shops. Detailed information about ski rental will be available after the IASF Fall in September 2021.

Do you have any more questions? Please feel free to contact us.